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Bungalowpark Veluwe De Rietberg

De sleutelwoorden van bungalowpark De Rietberg zijn rust en ruimte.

Experience the Veluwe on cottage cane mountain

If you want to spend your holiday in the northern part of the Veluwe `the Rietberg` is the ideal holiday resort for you. The terrain is situated in virgin forests with deciduous trees and conifers and also near farmlands and heath fields; the terrain is left as natural as possible. There is a likely possibility that you will see wild pigs and deer. In one word an unique location in an oasis of peace.

The Rietberg is also only a five minute biking from the village of Epe. The resort has 18 bungalows and 2 chalets, the chalets and bungalows are not close together so there is plenty of space. This will ensure a great deal of privacy and peace. To make sure the privacy and peace are obtained the resort is car free but there is enough parking space.

In short, a unique location and a haven of peace.

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