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Bungalowpark Veluwe De Rietberg

De sleutelwoorden van bungalowpark De Rietberg zijn rust en ruimte.

Enjoy the veluwe in one of our comfortable bungalows

The bungalows and chalets are spread across the resort and are suitable from two up to twelve people. The design and lay-out are contemporary and practical. All the bungalows and chalets have a kitchen which is equipped with a complete inventory. The accommodations also have separate bedrooms a bath room or shower a loo, heating and television.

Every Bungalow or chalet has an own terrace equipped with garden furniture and is surrounded by a field, so plenty of living space. Conveniences like the playground, youth centre, solarium, launderette and parking place are at a centrally situated point.

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2 persoons bungalow Veluwe

2-person bungalows

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4 persoons bungalow Veluwe 1

4-person bungalows

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6 persoons bungalow Veluwe

6-person bungalows

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8 persoons bungalow Veluwe

8-person bungalow

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12 persoons bungalow Veluwe

12-person bungalow

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